Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Am Remiss...

Once I returned home from the camping adventure... I found myself rafting down the Payette river in class 3 rapids with my babies... (ack) and then I am currently packing the clan for Silverwood Amusement Park for 3 days and nights of fabulous fun... once the roller coaster of my life comes to a halt I promise pictures and details of whatever it is I have been doing... if I remember.

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's a Tradition!!!

It's that time again. It's time to take our annual camping trip to Flaming Gorge (or George if you are 6 and just learning to read) with my parents. Nevermind that last year was the first time we have done this, that we have done this exactly "once in a row", it is still thought of as a tradition. Last year was one of those times in life when you look around you in mid vacation and realize that everything is perfect. No one throwing temper tantrums, no one sick or sunburned, no rain, wind or wild fires threatening the fun, no snakes in the tipi, hot mountain days and mild moonlit nights...ahhhhh. And the jewel in the crown... a community shower and sparkling clean bathrooms... a must for serious campers such as myself.

I can remember priceless few times in my life that I could pinpoint perfection in mid "doing" of a moment. I can only imagine my report of our trip will fall far short of last year's. But we will strive for new memories and new experiences (hoping none of them include snakes in the tipi) and if we are lucky I will pause mid week (next week) and for just one moment realize that our "once in a row" tradition is giving my children days to remember.

What time in your life did you reach vacation nirvana?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ode to the 4th

The 4th of July has always held many wonderful memories for me. As a child we had long standing traditions of a the neighborhood parade, a carnival in the park, backyard BBQ's with my mother's spare rib sauce and oh so famous chocolate frosting grahmn crackers which I would snitch without hesitation. The smell of sparklers, snakes and smoke bombs immediately sends me back to a time when Zagger and Evans and The Zombies played on a "Top 40" radio station. I could go on forevah...but I won't.

2 years ago I put this little music video together about my children's 4th of July here in Boise. I hope you like it. My babies are bigger now, it's amazing looking at these pictures how fast the changes come and how fleeting good times are.

May your 4th be a happy one. Perhaps you will engage in long standing traditions that no one in your family can remember exactly why you do them. Or you will strike out on your own making new traditions and new memories. Perhaps you will get really drunk and therefore forget the entire holiday... whichever it is I wish you fun and laughter, excitement and safety. Most of all I wish you good memories.

Happy Birthday America

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