Friday, October 27, 2006

I Am Going to Build a Photo Studio in my Garage...

I can hear it now. Relieved sighs let out all over the blogisphere. Concern masses are picking up the phone right now, texting or pulling out their trusty carrier pigeon...

"By god Madge! Did you see Michelle's blog? She is pulling herself up by her own boot straps! I think she might break out in a round of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow", I tell ya! She is moving forward... she, she, she is going to build her photo studio in her garage! She has gotten through "the hard times""

Well I say, "NOT SO FAST!!!!!"

I would like to say I am great. I would like to say I have found my pace. While I would like say the motivation is my own way of acting out Mary Tyler Moore's scene of throwing her knit cap up in the air out of joy of who she is, I can't. I'm still stuck in the pain of transition. There is another reason I am turning my garage into a photo studio. Less freeing, more due to practicalities. The truth is.... my car doesn't fit into my new garage. I was busy looking at closet space and intact roofing and completely forgot to pull the car into the garage to see if it would fit. I mean whodathunk? Its a relatively new house. I am sure Cory Barton knows Suburbans exist. Why didnt he give the garage just one more foot of parking space for my environmental disaster car? humph.

If I become a successful photographer do I owe it to the SUV? my inventive nature to "make something" out of otherwise wasted space? or perhaps shhhhhhh talent? I dunno. But I have heard that everything happens for a reason. And you know what they say, "Some are born with photo studios and others have photo studios thrust upon them.".

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