Thursday, November 09, 2006

Old Entry, Continued Sentiment...

written originally 2/12/06

I have reached my physical limit of irritation with people who drone on and on about the need to "protect" marriage. Seriously, it makes it sound as if they are members to some posh golfing club. God forbid we allow others the same joys of marriage that I have. Let's see recent joys I can remember... being bored to tears at routine, cooking dinner for the one millionth time, the same old reactions to the same old problems. Yes lets "save" this for the right people shall we?

Or perhaps it's that we don't want to give others the same feeling of the stability or the "foreverness" or comfort that marriage can bring. If this is the case, then shame on us all. We are infinite beings of a vastly loving God. We all yearn for a taste of eternity which through commitment from another person can give us. I can't imagine denying this to someone because they don't love the "right" person. Again I say SHAME ON US.

I envision my creator, after he is done with this grand experiment lining us all up in a row. Black, White, Muslim, Christian, Athetist, Gay, Straight.... and laughing at us (in pity not in joy) for our embarrassing ineptitude at understanding exactly what part of love really needed our protection.
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