Friday, April 14, 2006

Curse You Izzy!!!

Well okay maybe not...I mean I don't even know who Izzy is... All I really know is that my good friend and favorite antagonist was tagged by Izzy and then B.A. did something so unantagonistic-like and PLAYED BLOGGER'S TAG! Hummm, how the mighty have fallen... I suppose I should thank Izzy or more personally thank B.A. for reaching out and trying to dislodge Screaming Mommy Toy from the situational paperweight which has been sitting heavy on her muse of late. So thank you Izzy and more pointedly, thank you B.A.

6 Weird Things About Me

1. I dreamed recently that I kissed Jody Foster. I mean really kissed her. I don't recall ever having a dream like that before in my life. So I suppose I should be glad I got the players right the first time.

2. I don't sleep with socks on because I can't breathe. *shrug*

3. I have an actual mental list of things I will start doing if I find out I am going to die.

1. Kiss Jody Foster
2. Walk barefoot outside
3. Pour half n half on my cereal every morning.
4. Make a sincere public apology to Ms. Foster in order to keep out of prison during my last days on earth.

4. I have never eaten pumpkin pie.

5. I love reference books. Things like dictionaries, thesauruses, phrase origin books... Recently I spent over an hour sitting cross legged in front of the stacks just touching them and turning their pages... Had I not noticed that unauthorized biography of Jody Foster on a table across the aisle I would still be there I think...

6. I have made my own personal holiday. It is Sock Liberation Day. It's coming up soon. June 1st. If there has ever been a true bane of my existence then it would be socks. I hate them. On June 1st any and all socks that even look at me funny will be thrown out. Period. I will giddily toss them. Winter is a long time away, its time to dance barefoot.

Only one person I have ever met has given me an alternative for SLD. This fascinating creature wears mismatched socks. She has cleverly bypassed the entire frustration. One day, I look forward to walking among the masses unafraid of persecution for my mismatched socks. I can feel that day dawning. On the other hand, I have a long way to go on convincing my family mismatched is normal and even farther to go to get them to notice that their feet are just as warm.

I wonder if Jody Foster wears socks?

Now for the part of the program where I get to pass on this horrible self examination exercise... who should it be?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yes Virginia there IS a person behind that username

*Me and my friend Jeannie at the train station*

We had a wonderful time doing absolutely nothing of consequence. My parents were convinced I was meeting an axe murderer but she charmed even them. After years of posting with the woman we finally met. We recognized each other from across the airport. Not one awkward moment. The internet is a wonderful place. So many people I have grown to love, some I have met, some I hope to meet one day. I highly recommend taking the time to seek out your friendships.
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