Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Willful and Purposeful Neglect

I am guilty. I confess!

I recently set up my email to automatically spell check any outgoing mail. I thought that it would make me sound and look a bunch smarter if my communications were impeccable. Granted, I will use it if I am talking to a future employer or the POTUS but in all honesty, it runs through each of my "chattin' up a friend" emails and I hit ignore. I *like* using lower case "i" when speaking about myself and it saves time to leave out the ' in typing contractions. I try very hard to remember to stop long enough to capitalize the beginning of my sentences even though it adds a key stroke I would rather not make. I realize I am quirky though, I think nothing of ending each rambling thought with "..." yet that adds two extra key strokes. Perhaps I need to rethink this and stop using periods altogether i am a busy woman after all...
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