Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Legend of Screaming Mommy Toy

More times than I can count people have asked me how on earth I came up with the name of the blog. And so today I will tell the story...

Two years ago, right around Halloween time my then 2 year old wanted to get a hamburger from Sonic. As all places do, they put a toy in her meal. Being Halloween it was a small barbie-like doll in a long spooky dress looking sorta like Morticia Adams on acid. She pulled it out of the bag on the way home and started playing with it. Then she squeezed the doll's stomach... suddenly (well suddenly for a 2 year old) the dolls eyes light up red and it lets out this horribly loud scream which was then followed by an equal if not louder scream of sheer terror from my baby girl and the doll was thrown across the car. She was so shaken I had to stop the car and hold her for a few minutes before she calmed down enough to be put back in her car seat and taken home.

Fast forward a couple weeks I had been out shopping with the girls and decided to pick up chicken and burgers to take home for lunch. When the baby saw me turn into Sonic she began screaming and crying "NO SCREAMING MOMMY TOY NO NO NO NO!" She cried all the way through the drive thru and wouldn't touch her food until I had inspected the bag for any signs of the offending toy. It took her months to calm down enough that she wouldn't get freaked at the mention of Sonic. Poor thing.

Of course, as all families do, once she regained her sense of humor over it (she's young and resilient) we began making references to silly toys we would see at Halloween and teasing her mercilessly... last year she came running up to me at the store with the doll you see on the front page of my blog and said, "Look! It's the ugliest screaming mommy toy I have ever seen!" squeezed its stomach and laughed hysterically... Totally healed from her early childhood trama.

She giggles everytime she sees my blog. She coyly crawls up into my lap and asks me to tell her the story about her and the screaming mommy toy. Kids love to hear stories about themselves and I have to admit that I love telling her about it and I smile everyday that I see it too.
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